AT&T needed more than a facelift. They needed a robust visual identity system that was capable of unifiying: Consumers, Business, Government, Employees and Investors.

AT&T undertook an ambitious rebranding effort under the banner “Rethink Possible” that included a redesign that updates its trademark logo and visual language. The strategic platform, Relentless innovation for human progress, provided a framework for introducing technology that's focused on humanity.

I was brought in as a creative consultant and design director to craft the creative vision for the new AT&T. My design direction, built out of the Rethink Possible tagline and ethos took a super-graphic approach of concentrated building blocks of color, shape and typography. Rethink Possible as campaign and rebrand repositioned AT&T as a lifestyle company and elevated it from the recent ad sniping with rival Verizon. 

The Brand Identity and Guidelines for AT&T stripped down core iconography and introduced a formal visual language evoking conversation and communication. The Guidelines were tested with various marketing arms of AT&T to ensure the reproducibility and adherence of brand standards.