The Coca-Cola Company

Before Happiness was bottled and you journey on the Coke Side of Life, came this seminal rebrand.

Reinventing one of the most beloved brands in the world took shape with a strategic rallying cry of Stubborn Optimism. A fizzy filled exploration of effervescence addled design and imagery came together to transform an iconic brand. A nearly two year strategic exploration that resulted in the rebrand of the flagship Coca-Cola Red, Coca-Cola Light and the creation of two new sub-brands: Coke Zero and (short lived) Coca-Cola BlāK. The new visual identity and brand was unveiled at the 2006 Global Coca-Cola Company summit in Buenos Aires.

The visual identity system touched all facets of brand and can be seen throughout the world: from vending machines in Shanghai, to coolers in Istanbul to signage throughout World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Initial explorations and design directions centered around deconstructed iconography and infusion of whimsical and irreverent imagery. The anchoring principle of Stubborn Optimism took form as a fizzy fantasy fueled version of the everyday.

A programmatic approach to brand asset management, The Design Machine, was created to help introduce a systematic and scalable way for bottlers, retailers and brand managers to activations that were contextually relevant and conformed to standards. Our initial explorations introduced north-star anchoring of the logo to ground compositions and freely introduce secondary elements. The rebrand of The Coca-Cola Company helped the company recapture a leadership position within the consumer beverage space, by connecting with consumers in memorable and heartfelt ways. The strategy, global visual identity system and elements found their way into the world through Wieden+Kennedy's Amsterdam's office and the Coke Side of Life campaign.