What if your workout translated your sweat into equity?

Fitcoin is a near future exploration of the blockchain service layer and platform empowering the quantified self. A wearable tracking activity makes tangible the potential of the blockchain, heretofore relegated to cypherpunks and technolibertarianisms. Fitcoin is a compelling user experience that surprises and delights, while shaping future behavior.

Created over the span of 4 weeks Fitcoin consists of an iOS app and Mio Fuse Heart Rate Band powered by a blockchain backend. Fitcoin's visual identity and user experience is evokes something familiar and strange. A promotional video was shot in Los Angeles to capture the near future world that Fitcoin inhabits. Merging fitness, fashion and tech Fitcoin draws inspiration from the dystopian Black Mirror, health goth and facial camouflage

Debuting at SXSW 2015 at an experience housed at Chaotic Moon's office, Fitcoin garnered international press and attention—including a few thought pieces on the implication of labor and capital. Featured in: Engadget, Yahoo Tech, Wareable, PSFK, El Pais, USA Today, CNET (Japan), The Sociological Imagination, Bitcoin News Service, Pocket-Lint, Daily Mail, Entrepreneur, The Next Web, Ubergizmo.