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When imagination, empowerment and collaboration come together—with a bunch of electronics, your potential is limitless.

The ushering in of cheap fabrication, assembly and crowd-sourced communities has heralded a new age of computing. What was once the province of experts and technicians, has become the toys of today. In reintroducing the Gizmo Board and the Gizmosphere Community a repositioning and brand strategy campaign helped make a reentry into a crowded market more distinct.

The visual identity explored patterning and geometric glitches as motifs to create typography, illustration and inform the overall visual language. The robust graphic vocabulary stands in stark contrast to all of the Gizmo's competitors: radiating energy and formal intensity.

For the launch of the board, we created Enter the Gizmosphere, an immersive redux of the classic Pong debuting at 2014's Engadget Live Boston and Expand New York. The interaction pitted two foes armed with LED paddles against each other on either side of an eight-foot monolith. Players battled for 90 seconds, using their paddles to hit a virtual ball back and forth through a virtual vortex. Built with with off-the-shelf parts, powered only one 4x4 inch, 20 volt APU Gizmo board running Linux. 

The relaunch of the Gizmosphere site along with the introduction of the Gizmo 2 board were welcomed by the embedded computer community. The Enter the Gizmosphere experience showcased at both Engadget Live and Expand NY generated buzz leading up to the launch of new products. Enter the Gizmosphere was recognized by