The parks of the future may just be programmable light and sound.

Orchard is 30-foot-tall pneumatic structure that renews the bonds of community in surprising and delightful ways, through its unique urban embrace: an interactive experience of light and sound. John Houser, from Gensler's Austin office,  had completed fabrication of the tree and sought out Chaotic Moon to infuse it with a truly engaging and interactive dynamism. Outfitted with sensors and LED’s each touch sends a ripple of color through the tree. A gentle push into the tensile pneumatic surface manipulates a soundtrack by Pilot Priest

Orchard made its debut at the Brush Square Museums on March 15th and 16th during SXSW 2015. During its two day viewing it was much loved and played with by children and adults alike. There are plans for additional deployments, integration with City of Austin locations and further explorations of form factors and interactions. Featured: EngadgetTexas Architect MagazinePSFK.