Samsung Mobile

From chipping to knocking into Apple's dominance Samsung has made its mark.

In launching the Samsung Galaxy S III we created a campaign that wove the unique features of the phone into Never Been Done Before experiences. We created rich brand and content programs that placed Samsung device owners at the center of engaging experiences that helped propel sales and the brand.

  • Share To Go Content Experience
  • Samsung Mobile USA Brand Guidelines
  • User-Generated Photography
  • Beacon Mobile
  • The Big Reward Social Influencer Box

Share To Go is a digital/physical content distribution platform via NFC enabled posters and kiosks placed in major traffic zones in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas.

The Brand Guidelines helped codify various iterations and permutations of brand expressions, and paved the way for device-centric narratives to take shape and provided guidance on content creation. This strategic effort ensured consistency, clarity and compelling communication across the agencies involved in the launch.

As an extension of the Brand Guidelines, I initiated a separate User-Generated Photography brief which centered on providing structured briefs to young and emerging photographers: Wes Sumner / Paul Octavious / Chris Ozer / Olivia Bee / Max Wanger. Focusing on young talent from Instagram and pockets of the internet, a variety of points of views and locales would be showcased throughout the world.

Beacon is content. Editorial content, curated content, and exclusive downloadable content. Content that entertains, informs and rewards people for the insatiable desire to incorporate mobile technology into their daily lives. Beacon represents a whole new way to get content, in a scale previously unimaginable. Through a series of unique contextual activations (mobile site, smartphone app, posters, kiosks and partnerships), users are engaged on their morning commute with bite-sized articles; rewarded with exclusive music and videos at NFC posters; invited to participate in contests.

The Big Reward is a exclusive quarterly social program that distributes themed boxes of accessories and apparel to key social media influencers. Quartlery themes, events and celebrities include: Sports (LeBron James, released at the NBA All-Start Game, with a potential partner in Nike), Gaming (Robert Downey, Jr., released at Comic Con, with a potential partner in Universal Studios), Fashion (Alexander Wag, released at New York Fashion Week, with a potential partner in Mercedes-Benz) and Music (Jay-Z, released at Austin City Limits Festival, with a potential partner in Roc Nation).

This award-winning launch campaign for the Galaxy SIII elevated Samsung to Mashable’s Breakthrough Brand of the Year and Ad Age’s Viral Brand of the Year. Recognized by: