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Tyrone Drone

If drones were as commonplace as water guns what new uses would idle youth dream up?

Tyrone is a Unmanned Aerial Vandal (UAV) whose knack for mischief is equal parts sweet and slightly dangerous. A modular kit-based approach to drones, with add ons that let you: shoot flames, silly string or tag those hard to reach places. And with all due respect to WIRED and KATSU, the Age of Drone Vandalism began with Tyrone.

Concepted and created over a four week period, Tyrone underwent a series of iterations and evolutions to arrive at its final incarnation: fun (and mischief) from above. The three 3d printed mounts and accessories: flamethrower, silly string, stencil graffiti.

An iOS app and gps beacons assisted in the establishment and guidance of Tyrone.  A promotional video was shot in downtown Los Angeles that showcased the mischief that can come from Tyrone and his posse. The video features up and coming local bikers: Brandon BeginAlfredo Mancuso, and Dillon Lloyd.

With the Austin Police Department's ban on drones during SXSW, Tyrone Drones was relegated to in office demonstrations and test flights at Austin graffiti park, Hope Gallery. Tyrone's initial announcement even elicited a post by the Chris Anderson, 3DRobotics' founder, was incredulous at Tyrone's purported capabilities. Featured in CNNDIY DronesCNETDaily DotEngadgetVenture BeatPop SciSilicon Hills.