Good ideas come from anywhere. Sometimes you just need to design, choreograph and construct an experience to find them.

Volcano is an immersive workshop for C-level executives to brainstorm with designers and strategists around increasing brand affinity, retail innovations, social engagements and uncovering new audiences. 

A continual series of innovation workshops showcase and explore a range of ideas. In collaboration with clients areas of explorations are agreed upon. From this workshop a series of briefs are written, presented to the client so that teams can be setup. We drive toward ideas. We judge them intensely. We deliver something tangible and actionable.

  1. Brand Truths (Who is the Galaxy tribe? What is our brand?)
  2. Marketplace Whitespace (The Future of Samsung retail. GS5 launch as test bed for new process innovation.)
  3. The Social Ecosystem (Maximizing our Social Strategy)
  4. Innovation Everywhere (Solving NFC. Breakthrough Media.)
  5. The Brand as Citizen (Education. Device Programming. Community Relations.)

Halliburton attaches were couriered to our clients' office, containing goggles, gloves and an NFC tap spot showcasing an animated invitation. While the workshop never took place it serves as a marker of a form of collaborative brand innovation.